FEATURED: Moldarina

Monday, August 20, 2012

featured gives us the oppurtunity to showcase things, people and products we are excited about. We spoke to Sónia Nunes from Moldarina to find out what makes this little outfit tick….

1/ How did you get into making jewellery (how did you choose this line of work)?

It was accidental and happened six years ago when I experience the pleasure of creating jewelry, after a casual visit at a supply store. My first item was a complex beaded necklace with some textile parts. Since then I never stopped.

2/ Where do you get your inspiration from?

People and their thoughts, relationships and feelings are my greatest source of inspiration.

3/ Have you got any famous clients / who would you love to design for?

I do my work with care and dedication and I give my best to my clients but, for me, creating jewelry is my main way of self-expression. I don’t design for people, I design because I love it.

4/ Tell us a bit about the company – how many people / how long has it been going – plans to use different materials? How can we get hold of your product?

I started this project in 2011 with an online store and I’m working alone.
This year I opened an etsy store and I’m starting wholesaling in Portugal. My products are available at my online stores.

5/ Pick a song that get you in the mood to create

Leonard Cohen – I’m your man and Hallelujah


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