FEATURED – The South Is Blooming

Friday, November 2, 2012

This is the third instalment of our FEATURED section when we talk to a designer, singer or general all round fabulous person. It’s the turn of …The South is Blooming

1/ Designing for a famous person:
For a designer: Dries van Noten, he understands cosmopolitanism, pattern, colour.
For a non-designer: Kanye West (as the musician, not his fashion label), he’s experimental and doing his own wild thing

 2/ Name two tracks (records) which sums up the label (it maybe something you would play to get you in the mood to work or use on a runway)

Julia by the Very Best, off their album Warm Heart of Africa: has the combination of edge and warmth that embodies the label.
Also Exhibit A by Dirty Paraffin: these Joburg based dudes are just so cool! They embody the best of secret Africa which the rest of the world still has to discover.  Here’s a video:

3/ The name The South is Blooming
Symbolises the creative explosion that’s going on down south, specifically South Africa where I come from, but more generally in Africa.

4/ What we make/sell
We are a ‘mixstore’ – that’s a Dutch word for a curated store which sells pretty much anything that takes our fancy. At the moment heavily into Vlisco wax print accessories – awesome trilbies from Joburg based label Babatunde for instance – and even wax print kiddie shorts made specially for us in Cape Town. We also have a lot of home accessories and have just branched out into music and books. We’ll soon also be stocking some emerging photographers’ work and hopefully also art prints. All from deep dark Afrika!

5/ Inspiration:
All over the place really. Obviously a lot from the vibes of Joburg, the cool cats in Cape Town, the people, the landscape and the light in South Africa – we make regular trips. But we’re based in the Netherlands and there’s loads of inspiration in Amsterdam too. There’s cosmopolitans and creative people, geometry, colour, texture, light in most places in the world!

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