F A S H I O N : Isometric textile patterns designed by Damola Rufai

Saturday, January 2, 2016


‘Isorinths’, designed by Damola Rufai, are a collection of isometric patterns that draw from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, Nigeria. their chaotic, colorful, and vibrant nature grows from a place where the journey from A to B is rarely a straight line. Stylistic influences come from a range of places, including african wax prints, south beach pastels, and rufai’s personal architectural background. Each variation of the series is created digitally, and printed on 100% cotton fabric. http://damolarufai.com/

img_3_1448877434_438fa582dfe30f24e7c7beafb5a84b1e img_6_1448877434_914e98ec1f462504ca0ada9b87909ed8 img_5_1448877434_7fead12dd30b1056283b1046b70ef884 img_2_1448877434_1638be21aac117c44c216c8e94f06e42

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