Adidas Samba

Friday, June 8, 2018


“Some sneakers transcend time, place and style. Yes, there’s the Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, the Stan Smith and Air Jordan, but one shoe that demands respect is the Adidas Samba.

It was company founder Adi Dassler (“Adidas” is a mashup of his first and last names) who crafted the first Samba, a high-tech performance shoe when it debuted in 1950. Its soft leather upper afforded comfort, the trio of stripes added lateral support, and the high-traction gum rubber outsole let players kick around on icy turf without snapping their necks.

But it was the Samba’s inadvertent attribute of style that would grant it immortality. With its low profile and white-on-black contrast, the Samba was cool enough to wear off the pitch. At first, only footballers knew this, but it didn’t take long for everyone else to find out.

They haven’t forgotten, either. The Samba is the oldest Adidas shoe in continuous production, and, 68 years after its debut, it “still sells like mad.

Adidas has played riffs on the original over the years, introducing the Samba JP (with a tapered toe), the Samba 85 (in tan), and the Samba Super (with a longer tongue and toe cap.) But the company is too smart to take any variation too far, even to please the latest crop of stateside celebs spotted in their Sambas, including Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, and Justin Timberlake.

“Fads come and go, but some designs just don’t need to play those games,” is how Heard puts it. “Some people boast about old school while others just genuinely are. The shoe is like your favorite friendly old uncle, held in esteem and respect. It should be.”

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