Reebok Classics x The Distinct Life “TDL Camo” Ventilator

April 1, 2013


Rick Williams and The Distinct Life teamed up with Reebok Classics on the “TDL Camo” Ventilator featuring the brand’s signature camo pattern debossed into rich maroon full-grain leather with tan mesh and a gum sole. The result is a classic sneaker with deep colors and contemporary construction.

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Ginkgo polypropylene umbrella is 100% recyclable

March 30, 2013


Umbrellas on the market today are theoretically made of recyclable materials such as metal, plastic and wood.
however, they can’t be recycled as they are.
They’d need to be disassembled to be properly disposed of, which means that most of them just end up going to landfill.
A big waste of resources. polyester canopy, as an example, takes up to 1’000 years to biodegrade…

Developed in Italy over the last three years by federico venturi, gianluca savalli and marco righi, the ‘ginkgo’ is an innovative compact umbrella, redesigned from scratch and made entirely out of one recyclable material – polypropylene.
Conceived to be stiff and flexible, the piece is able to absorb random impacts and wind force without breaking or bending.
Using injection molding process, the numberof ‘ginkgo’ components are considerably reduced compared to the traditional umbrella.
The design is made up of just 20 pieces instead of 120 pieces – eliminating the traditional assembling procedure of screws or pivots, as all the couplings are obtained by long lasting and reliable snap-fit joints.
When ginkgo finally reaches the end of its useful life you can just toss it in the recycle bin.
no need to disassemble the components.

For more information on the ‘ginkgo’ umbrella, see the indiegogo campaign site, where the project will seek funding for production.

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KENZO Leopard Collection

March 27, 2013

newsletter-leopard (1)index_04
What is there not to love about these sneaks. Last year Humberto Leon and Carol Lim visited Thailand with the purpose of trekking in and absorbing the magnificent Asian jungles. Animals abound in the world of the jungle, including wild elephants, monkeys and exotic reptiles. But one of the most exciting – and elusive
– animals in Thailand is the clouded leopard, the large and beautifully abstracted spots of which became the main inspiration for the prints from our Spring/Summer 2013 KENZO collection.

Property of The Week

March 25, 2013


Japan’s long north-south axis gives it a richness in geographical features and climates. The ‘yatsugatake villa’ by local practice MDS is situated more or less right in the middle, where it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, without residing in either extreme. The elderly couple that call it home have left the hectic city life to retire in the mountains and farm the various vegetables all year round. The wooden structure needs to adapt to each season without the use of air conditioning or artificial heaters, with the ability to completely open itself to the elements in the warm months and close off – while still allowing the presence of sunlight – in the winter.

Three adjacent shells of different heights developed as a result, with deep overhangs that control direct solar gain when not desired. The fan-like arrangement of the volumes exposes a greater surface area to the south to absorb the low winter light. Full-length retractable tinted glass walls are visually insulated with another layer of rice paper panels that diffuse the intense sun. With the majority of the windows on the southern and northern elevation, opening both ends invites a cool breeze through the entire structure.

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samsung’s NX300 mirrorless wi-fi camera with 45mm 3D/2D lens

March 24, 2013


South Korean manufacturer samsung has announced the release of the NX300 – their latest series of their 3D capable mirror-less wi-fi cameras. boasting a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, the device is capable of capturing images. At a range of ISO 100 to 25600. The new camera also supports the ability
to shoot continuous burst photos at up to 8.6  FPS with additional full HD video recording capabilities. its 3.31 inch AMOLED touchscreen goes hand in hand  with its built-in wi-fi, making it easier to share pictures to friends, family or the web.

Samsung has also introduced the world’s first 2D/3D 45mm F1.8 lens system, which can be used conventionally in two dimension, or to capture photo stills and full 1080p video in three-dimension.

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elephants = Cool

March 19, 2013


Edun released a duo of limited edition t-shirts adorned by a by elephants photographed by acclaimed artist Ryan McGinley. All proceeds will be donated to, to help preserving the African Elephant, which is in danger of extinction due to poaching and illegal ivory trade. Made of 100% Tanzanian cotton, both shirts are exclusively available via for a limited time only. So do a good deed and get one now.