$1 Cash Money Clip

December 20, 2015


We love this idea. They say the best ideas are often the very simple ones. This is just that – using money as a money clip.  The clip is the same size and feel as the cash it holds.No clutter.  No extra pocket bulk. Use the money clip as currency when low on cash. Available in 5, 10, 20, 50, and $100 denominations. Euro banknotes too! Each bill has its own unique United States serial number. You can even get the kit and use any note including those out of circulation.

The DIY kit contains

– Circular Steel Plates (2)
– Neodymium Disc Magnet (1)*
– Sealer (2)
*thin w/ the perfect strength

F A S H I O N : The Very Black Project

December 5, 2015

The Very Black Project isn’t merely a fashion brand, but a consciousness movement. Established in 2014 in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, TVBP it’s the brainchild of late night “Kitchen talks” reflecting the very contemporary and, at times, very wounding experiences of artist/cancer survivor André  D. Singleton  and  Art Director Justin Fulton, WHO both grew up very black and very gay in America. This project’s aim is to encourage relatable dialogue around the vast experiences of ALL people who have ever felt alienated due to race, sexuality, Gender, physical appearance or disability with a focus on blackness. They use the body as a vehicle for solidarity while asserting a very important social commentary. At its core they believe that to be #VERYBLACK is to be unapologetically proud of who you are in a world that furtively teaches us to hide from our stories and our importance.




November 22, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 16.49.11
Pulling inspiration from the Empire’s black-suited pilots, the Imperial Pilot collection features custom hour and minute hands inspired by the Imperial Pilot’s helmet ventilation system and subtly placed Imperial logos. It’s the intricacies that you may not notice at first glance, but can’t be ignored. The collection is inspiring as Nixon pay attention to details. It’s the design details on the bezel and pushers, dials and bands, the color applications and storytelling references that bring to life the unique characteristics only found in the STAR WARS | Nixon Collection.

A172SW-2243-view1 A506SW-2242-view1 C1953SW-2243-view1 C1953SW-2244-view1PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & SHARE: TWITTER TUMBLR FACE BOOK

D E S I G N : Three Bamboo and Carbon Fiber Bikes

October 18, 2015


The ‘Bamboo and Carbon Fiber’ bicycles by the Spanish company, bambu campos bikes, form a collection of models: fixed, single speed and urban, that are completely customizable. Choices such as different colors, geometry and sizes can all be chosen and then added to the hand-crafted two-wheeler. The frame which has a commemorative, unique serial number, utilizes the natural lightness and vibration-dampening characteristics of bamboo. The sustainable wood is joined together using carbon fiber – opposed to the common practice of using aluminum – in order to ensure the structure is even more lightweight and stiff.


F A S H I O N : OATH Men’s & Women Lookbook

September 25, 2015


There are few less forward thinking brands, but one really stands out – OATH. Check their new lookbook and get your wallet out!


Women’s Spring/Summer 2016

Shot by Kristin-lee Moolman
Styled by Gabrielle Kannemeyer
MUA by Renton Wade
MUA Assistant: Tsu Baloyi
Models: Janet @ ICE JHB, Desire Marea of FAKA, Wayne Swart @ Lamppost and Aart @ Model Republic

Men’s Spring/Summer 2016

Shot by Steve Marais
Stylists Assistant: Nao Serati
Models: Samuel @ ICE and Ntsako (New Face of Gaschette 2015)

Thank you thank you Rich Mnisi – designer. OATH will be launching their online store in November.

+27 (0) 79 066 9515 –

T E C N O L O G Y : Polaroid Instant Print Camera

September 7, 2015


As much as we love the images that come out of our DSLRs, or the convenience of our phone cameras, there’s still something to be said for the instant print gratification that we remember from the days of Polaroid. Recalling the whole point, shoot, print experience isn’t going to be that difficult anymore because, like all things retro, Polaroid is back with a new instant camera that they’re calling Snap. Designed to merge the nostalgic Polaroid experience with modern technology, Snap saves images shot with the 10MP camera onto a Micro SD card (up to 32 GB) then prints them onto 2×3″ prints using ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology. You get to keep or share the physical prints, but also upload any pictures for sharing without having to find a scanner. Snap will be available later this year in black, white, red and blue.