Win these amazing speakers…

May 25, 2010

win one-of-three pairs of ceramic speakers

Pleased to have tracked down this give-away for a few pairs of the very sought-after Ceramic Speakers by industrial design entrepreneur Joey Roth – there are THREE pairs up for grab.

Built from handmade porcelain, cork and wood these good looking speakers have a clear, warm tone and a classic, minimalist aesthetic.

To win a pair, all you have to do in enter your email address on the Oki-Ni site here and they will enter your name into the draw …

One of the best commercials EVER?

May 23, 2010

The Elephants are back…

May 20, 2010

They are all over London and one guy tried to steal one but it proved too heavy. This is my favourite spotted just off London’s Carnaby Street.


May 19, 2010

I must admit that I’m a bit of a gadget freak and throwing away items barley a year old is the norm. The question is when will this move from being a prototype because iWant one of these.

Welcome back….

May 19, 2010

As the date draws closer to the release of Christina Aguilera’s newest album, more tracks begin to leak.

The title track from her fourth English studio album, Bionic has surfaced, after her second single, “WooHoo,” featuring Nicki Minaj was just made available on iTunes.

Bionic is set to hit stores June 4th.

Beauty School Drop-out

May 17, 2010

When a Supermodel’s Career Fades to Black

The recent misfortunes of models Beverly Peele and Noemie Lenoir are a sad reminder that with fashion, one day you’re in, and the next, you’re so out. Particularly when you’re black.

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