F A S H I O N : The Very Black Project

December 5, 2015

The Very Black Project isn’t merely a fashion brand, but a consciousness movement. Established in 2014 in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, TVBP it’s the brainchild of late night “Kitchen talks” reflecting the very contemporary and, at times, very wounding experiences of artist/cancer survivor André  D. Singleton  and  Art Director Justin Fulton, WHO both grew up very black and very gay in America. This project’s aim is to encourage relatable dialogue around the vast experiences of ALL people who have ever felt alienated due to race, sexuality, Gender, physical appearance or disability with a focus on blackness. They use the body as a vehicle for solidarity while asserting a very important social commentary. At its core they believe that to be #VERYBLACK is to be unapologetically proud of who you are in a world that furtively teaches us to hide from our stories and our importance.



F A S H I O N : Russell Athletic Premium 2015

July 25, 2015


Russell Athletic collaborate with streetwear aficionados Trainerspotter to celebrate summer 2015 with a meticulously researched, and beautifully crafted, limited edition collection.


Russell Athletic Premium is a unique and sought-after collection that will stand the test of time. The partnership combines Russell Athletic’s classic aesthetic with Trainerspotter’s savvy for detail and contemporary style.


The range appropriates logos and slogans from the far-flung, sometimes obscure, sports clubs that the US sportswear giant has provided for over its century in business. These introduce a quirkiness to streetwear that never strays into kitsch, producing eye-catching and seemingly unique pieces that are nonetheless firmly rooted in sports heritage.


Elsewhere, the varsity aesthetic is stripped back to simply display ‘COLLEGE’. Many pieces also employ the modernist ‘RA Eagle’ logo from the 1980s, evoking Reagan-era optimism and ambition.


Colours lead rather than follow, with alluring creams, confident blues and a strutting scarlet prevalent in the palette. The expertly-chosen fabrics are textured and appear tactile without resorting to distressed or marl clichés.

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The collection sticks to Russell Premiums conceptual vision, taking some of the brand’s finest historical moments and re-inventing them for the current generation. The line evokes the golden era of sportswear before mass production; when pieces were hard-wearing enough to actually exercise in and colours didn’t suffer from regular laundering. In its style, though, the 2015 collection nods towards the late 80s and early 90s – the on-trend era for retro sportswear. The cut though is flattering and contemporary.


At retail the Russell Athletic Premium collection is delivered exclusively into selected size? boutiques. Don’t miss out.

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April 7, 2015


Wanna stand out in the crowd? Check the new Blakkangaroo cookbook. Never a label to stand still the new collection simply rocks for both guys & girls.


Blkkangaroo are a Toronto based group who fuses African touch points with creative design.

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STYLED by A$AP Rocky

January 22, 2013


As fans of his music will know, Raf Simons and Rick Owens are usually what he’s dressed in, but on his recent visit to London we invited the New York rapper to try out a range of oki-ni brands including new spring/summer ’13 pieces from Margiela, Kenzo and Paul Smith.

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FEATURED – The South Is Blooming

November 2, 2012

This is the third instalment of our FEATURED section when we talk to a designer, singer or general all round fabulous person. It’s the turn of …The South is Blooming

1/ Designing for a famous person:
For a designer: Dries van Noten, he understands cosmopolitanism, pattern, colour.
For a non-designer: Kanye West (as the musician, not his fashion label), he’s experimental and doing his own wild thing

 2/ Name two tracks (records) which sums up the label (it maybe something you would play to get you in the mood to work or use on a runway)

Julia by the Very Best, off their album Warm Heart of Africa: has the combination of edge and warmth that embodies the label.
Also Exhibit A by Dirty Paraffin: these Joburg based dudes are just so cool! They embody the best of secret Africa which the rest of the world still has to discover.  Here’s a video:

3/ The name The South is Blooming
Symbolises the creative explosion that’s going on down south, specifically South Africa where I come from, but more generally in Africa.

4/ What we make/sell
We are a ‘mixstore’ – that’s a Dutch word for a curated store which sells pretty much anything that takes our fancy. At the moment heavily into Vlisco wax print accessories – awesome trilbies from Joburg based label Babatunde for instance – and even wax print kiddie shorts made specially for us in Cape Town. We also have a lot of home accessories and have just branched out into music and books. We’ll soon also be stocking some emerging photographers’ work and hopefully also art prints. All from deep dark Afrika!

5/ Inspiration:
All over the place really. Obviously a lot from the vibes of Joburg, the cool cats in Cape Town, the people, the landscape and the light in South Africa – we make regular trips. But we’re based in the Netherlands and there’s loads of inspiration in Amsterdam too. There’s cosmopolitans and creative people, geometry, colour, texture, light in most places in the world!


September 12, 2012

With prints running wild in menswear, we turned our attention to capturing some of the best. With this shoot comprised of bright natural colours, complex prints and bold shapes, we present menswear’s new energy, inspired by the animalistic verve of nature.

One to watch: Mr Malachi Kirby

July 17, 2012

Read more on this young actor and check the photoshoot for Mr Porter.

Photography by Mr Tomo Brejc | Styling by Mr Tony Cook
Words by Mr Peter Henderson

Body Art – Tattoo

July 11, 2012

French artist Xoilcreates magic.

Watch this kid grow

June 22, 2012


Aduu Juma Masudi has created a monster by way of his graduate collection, entitled The New Pachucos, inspired by his life journey and packed with personality. The young intern at Ozwald Boateng has done good.

Dior Homme Demi-Mesure

June 20, 2012


Dior Homme is launching a ne custom-made service called demi-mesure in selected locations. 2 fittings and 5 to 8 weeks later you can have your custom made Dior Homme shirt for 510 euros and a suit for 2,700 euros (this is a starting price and it also depends on the material you choose).