$1 Cash Money Clip

December 20, 2015


We love this idea. They say the best ideas are often the very simple ones. This is just that – using money as a money clip.  The clip is the same size and feel as the cash it holds.No clutter.  No extra pocket bulk. Use the money clip as currency when low on cash. Available in 5, 10, 20, 50, and $100 denominations. Euro banknotes too! Each bill has its own unique United States serial number. You can even get the kit and use any note including those out of circulation.

The DIY kit contains

– Circular Steel Plates (2)
– Neodymium Disc Magnet (1)*
– Sealer (2)
*thin w/ the perfect strength


November 22, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 16.49.11
Pulling inspiration from the Empire’s black-suited pilots, the Imperial Pilot collection features custom hour and minute hands inspired by the Imperial Pilot’s helmet ventilation system and subtly placed Imperial logos. It’s the intricacies that you may not notice at first glance, but can’t be ignored. The collection is inspiring as Nixon pay attention to details. It’s the design details on the bezel and pushers, dials and bands, the color applications and storytelling references that bring to life the unique characteristics only found in the STAR WARS | Nixon Collection.

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T E C N O L O G Y : Polaroid Instant Print Camera

September 7, 2015


As much as we love the images that come out of our DSLRs, or the convenience of our phone cameras, there’s still something to be said for the instant print gratification that we remember from the days of Polaroid. Recalling the whole point, shoot, print experience isn’t going to be that difficult anymore because, like all things retro, Polaroid is back with a new instant camera that they’re calling Snap. Designed to merge the nostalgic Polaroid experience with modern technology, Snap saves images shot with the 10MP camera onto a Micro SD card (up to 32 GB) then prints them onto 2×3″ prints using ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology. You get to keep or share the physical prints, but also upload any pictures for sharing without having to find a scanner. Snap will be available later this year in black, white, red and blue.

T E C H N O L O G Y : CLUG it in

July 1, 2015

They call it the worlds smallest bike rack, a neatly designed, unimposingly tiny way to store your bike (and show it off too – unless you have a dirt bike). Proof that small can be mighty big.

CLUG has been designed to be a great fit with just about every bike tire out there. With three versions of the Clug – one to fit standard road bike tires between 23 and 32mm (1 – 1.25″), one to fit hybrid tires between 33 and 42mm (1.3 – 1.75″) and one to fit big fat mountain bike tires 1.8 – 2.5″ (43 – 62mm).

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T R A V E L : Connected pedal protects bicycles from theft

January 19, 2015


CES 2015: a bicycle pedal that can notify the owner if their vehicle has been moved was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

French startup Connected Cycle revealed “the first ever connected pedal” prototypes, with built-in global positioning systems (GPS) that could prevent bikes being stolen, at the Las Vegas event recently.

When linked up to a smart device via the internet, the equipment sends the owner a notification when it detects a change in location.

“This new high-tech equipment instantly notifies the bike owner if the bike is moved, and allows it to be located at any time,” said Connected Cycle co-founder Jean-Marie Debbasch. “It is also able to locate where the bike was last parked.”

The pedal automatically records the rider’s speed, route, incline and calories burnt on every trip – without the need for carrying a phone or tablet on the journey. These statistics are stored on a digital cloud system and are accessed using the Connected Cycle app.

The pedals will be sold in pairs, with one featuring the technology and the other designed to match aesthetically.

Aluminium cases protect the internal electronics, while the foot pads come in colours including black, red, blue, green and orange.

Installing the pedals onto an existing bike requires no mechanical skill and can be completed in less than two minutes, according to the designers. The pedals can only be removed using a special coded key possessed by the bike’s owner.

Connected Cycle is currently seeking investors and considering crowdfunding to bring the pedals into production later this year.



T E C H N O L O G Y : BeoPlay H2

November 27, 2014

h2-broi9llt8b0r53u5b3bfBeoPlay H2 is an ultra flexible on-ear headphone that will merge easily with your daily life. Whether it’s on your ears, bringing you the acclaimed BANG & OLUFSEN Signature Sound – or resting around your neck like a fashion accessory, the H2 is the perfect companion, all day long.
It’s incredibly lightweight, weighing a modest 150 grams, yet very strong and wear-resistant too. BeoPlay H2 is made from durable composites and rugged textiles – and featuring smooth genuine lambskin on the earpads for a truly comfortable listening experience.
A 40 mm custom Bang & Olufsen driver inside the headphones – and a bass port, designed to give you a full and rich music performance. It’s a headphone built for music lovers – with an uncompromising clarity that will reveal all the beautiful details your music has to offer.
Durable composites make Beoplay H2 incredibly lightweight, and allows for the headphone to adapt to your head, for a perfect fit.
An almost clothing-like feel comes from rugged textiles in three beautiful colours – Carbon Blue, Silver Cloud or Feldspar Green. The choice is yours.
Smooth, genuine lambskin covers your ears for a comfortable listening experience – and to prevent sound leakage.


August 10, 2014


OK some say we only post cool looking products, which is true, but when they look cool and perform even better then everyone’s a winner.
The suction on these little speakers are major making sure they stay put whilst sounding good.

Compatible with ISO/ANDROID/WINDOWS just have wireless or bluetooth and you can send your music to these brightly colored babies (we have ours in the shower). If you are streaming say iTunes or Spotify you can also control the output directly from the little pods and take a call – genius.

Simple to operate and it packs a kick too: holding the skip track forward down increase the volume, to turn it off completely – hold the on/off bottom down till you hear the single tone and keep holding till you hear the goodbye tone… Now there is no excuse to not dance under water!


t e c h : Marblue ‘headfoam’ Headphones

May 26, 2014

Untitled 2

Marblue, the company best known for their smart device accessories, has introduced ‘headfoams’, the world’s first all foam, mono-body set of headphones. Crafted from a single piece of EVA foam, the same material used in synthetic wine corks, the nearly indestructible and shatterproof headset eliminates the use of moving metal parts and mechanisms. Although the ‘headfoams’ are designed specifically for children ages 3 and up, they fit most heads, which feature extending ear pads made of soft foam-filled polyurethane fabric.


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h o m e : ‘Polaroid’ Toilet Tissue Holder

May 12, 2014

Pay homage to bygone gadgets by decking out your powder room with this camera-shaped toilet tissue holder! Styled after a renowned instant camera, this retro-inspired plastic accessory ‘lens’ geek-chic style to your lavatory. Easily feed a roll of TP through the front photo slot in just a snap. Perfect for a friendly gift exchange, this gizmo also makes a great holiday present for the gifted photographer in your family!

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t e c h n o l o g y : Opening Ceremony x B&O PLAY

April 27, 2014


B&O Play have partnered up with Opening Ceremony to bring you what they’ve dubbed “The Sound of Fashion” – a vibrant, vivid and playful approach to music, design and fashion.

Everything revolves around a limited edition of the iconic Form 2i headphones that were originally launched in 1985 – and re-launched earlier this year with an added microphone, remote and improved comfort design.

The Opening Ceremony-designed version of Form 2i is a both cheeky and youthful take on a design classic – but since it’s a limited edition make sure to check it out fast!

Ever since 2002 when Opening Ceremony first opened the doors to their multi-brand store on New York’s Howard Street they’ve been setting the trends of the fashion industry. And, with Opening Ceremony satellites popping up in Los Angeles, Tokyo and London – and more to come in the future – the American cult brand is starting to dictate fashion on a global scale.

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