t e c h n o l o g y : Wooden Light Bulb for LEDON

April 7, 2014

2014-03-25 LEDON Wooden Light Bulb-off_300dpi

“Akin to shining a torch through your hand,” this is how Kyoto-based designer Ryosuke Fukusada describes the striking light emitted by his Wooden Light Bulb. For manufacturing the lamp, which is also a luminaire, he uses the traditional Japanese craft technique of Rokuro, which is now very rarely practised. In collaboration with Yuki Ayabe, a master of this old craft, a more than 100-year-old pine block is turned on a lathe and carved away, using special tools, until the bulb is between two and three millimetres thick.

Beautiful glowing light

The result is a light source that looks like solid wood when switched off. Actually, its shell is so thin that the light emitted by an LED light source fitted inside shows through, resulting in a unique and fascinating luminescence. It seems as if the wood itself is starting to glow. “The light-emitting Wooden Light Bulb stands for the interplay between a traditional, timeless material such as wood, and modern, durable LED technology. Both elements, wood and light, penetrate each other, presenting themselves as components of the future,” explains Fukusada. The LED lamp’s low thermal emission has played a decisive role in the implementation of the design item, as this avoids damage to the sensitive wood.

Strictly limited edition

A strictly limited number of Wooden Light Bulbs (€ 2000 each), each of them a unique item hand-made over many days, is manufactured in collaboration with LEDON, the premium supplier of LED lamps. The high-quality light sources produced by the Vorarlberg-based Austrian company are characterised by their extremely high colour rendering index, similar to light emitted by an incandescent lamp. A LEDON LED candle is fitted inside the wooden lamp to serve as a light source. Contact:


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t e c h n o l o g y : Happy Plugs Gold Headphones

April 2, 2014


Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition is a fresh take on jewelry. Upgrade your look with the most contemporary fashion detail of them all: Stylish quality headphones in 18 carat solid gold.

A Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm, makes the headphones by hand. 18-carat solid gold is molded into the shape of the Happy Plugs Earbuds and 25 grams of gold are used for each pair of earphones, which gives the headphones weight as a large jewelry.

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t e c h n o l o g y : The Darth Vader Toaster

April 2, 2014


The Darth Vader Toaster ($45) used the power of the Force (electricity) to transform regular bread into delicious toast, complete with the Star Wars logo on one side and a picture of the Dark Lord of the Sith on the other. But the best part is the toaster itself. It’s shaped just like Darth Vader’s helmet. It will be available July 2014 but it can be pre-ordered now for $45 at

f a s h i o n : adidas originals headphone

March 31, 2014


adidas originals has partnered with monster to produce a range of high performance headphones. the over-ear models feature ‘pure monster sound’ technology, pillow soft noise isolation and can be easily folded and stored in a custom carry pouch. designed for use on the move, they come equipped with monster’s musicshare dual ports for sharing music with your friends. all headsets are co-branded with the adidas originals trefoil logo on the upper headband. the in-ear models incorporate a patented sports-clip for keeping the buds in your ears without falling out. other technologies include superior noise isolation, sweat proof anti-microbial eartips and an in-line mic for use with all apple products.


all headphones are co-branded with the adidas originals trefoil logo

adidas-monster-designboom06 adidas-monster-designboom07 adidas-monster-designboom02


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t e c h: Alessi MGU02 2 – 24h Sentence maker, Wall clock

December 14, 2013


24 Sentence maker, 24 daily thoughts Wall clock in aluminium, white with decoration. This wall clock has been designed by Martí Guixé. His collection is based on new typologies revolving around the concept that objects have become tools for perceiving reality of every day, and also for communicating not only with objects, like this home accessory, but also with other people through the objects. Write what you like on the face from things to remember to love notes. unnamed
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November 25, 2013


Monocle is a single, circular speaker by Native Union that’s more than just a listening device: it’s a speakerphone, an accessory and a fashion statement.

Monocle allows you to listen to your music on the go, but also intercept calls and interact with your phone, all handsfree. I love the idea of wearing something that’s interesting and unique rather than some hideous ear piece or boring earbuds. This makes listening to music or talking on the phone a little more fun.MONOCLE_1-native-union-speaker-600x352 MONOCLE_6-native-union-speaker-600x400 MONOCLE_7-native-union-speaker-600x399 MONOCLE_8-native-union-speaker
Constructed with a reinforced retro-style cable, this cute speaker is available in six fun colors: Coral Red, Mint Green, Marine Blue, Slate Grey, Black Copper or Black Diamond. When you want a great sound and at the same time to look good making your tech part of your own style this is the badboy.

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t e c h n o l o g y : The World’s Thinnest Premium Portable Mobile Charger

September 28, 2013


The Jackery Air is a 5000mAh external battery pack that can be used to charge smartphones and tablets on the go. It’s currently available to purchase online at Amazon.

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Sound1 bluetooth speakers by Cloudandco for 11+

September 6, 2013

Designed by Korean studio cloudandco for 11+, the sound1 speaker pairs with bluetooth enabled portable devices and computers to provide crisp audio for up to 20 hours. Magnets are embedded in the cylindrical speakers, which enable the two separate components to be combined as one, allowing them to be conveniently relocated or stored neatly in the included leather pouch. When not in use, the cables are inconspicuously stored within an empty space at the bottom of the devices. The bottom corner of each speaker is cut at an angle, which allows the speakers to tilt and project sound at an ideal trajectory. Conceived with ambient LED lighting, the sound1 delivers both a visually pleasing and enjoyable auditory experience.

11+-sound1-bluetooth-speakers-designboom05 11+-sound1-bluetooth-speakers-designboom04 11+-sound1-bluetooth-speakers-designboom03 11+-sound1-bluetooth-speakers-designboom02
The bottom edge of each speaker is cut at an angle, which allows the speakers to project sound at an ideal trajectory. Magnets are embedded in the speakers, which enable the two separate components to be combined as one. The sound1 delivers both a visually pleasing and enjoyable auditory experience by combining LEDs

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Adidas Originals

August 11, 2013

Adidas Originals faithfully reproduce popular styles from the German sportswear giant’s vast back-catalogue. Combining premium materials with adidas’s trademark tri-stripe and trefoil branding, the Originals range represents the brand’s iconic sportswear legacy, re-imagined in contemporary, casual style for the modern day.

Produced in collaboration with Japanese design icon Yohji Yamamoto, adidas Originals present their Super Position Sneakers in two starkly contrasting colourways.

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Adidas Originals 2013 Newburgh Limited Edition Watch

April 4, 2013


The latest watch from adidas Originals comes in the form of the brand new Newburgh design part of the  limited edition timepieces range.  Measuring 50 mm and sporting a sleek matte black titanium case, the watch features super luminescent markers and indexes on both the dial and top rotating ring while a caoutchouc strap and screw-down pushers cap off the look. Limited to just 500 individually-numbered pieces, the blacked-out Newburgh will be available beginning this Saturday, April 6 for $595 USD at select adidas Originals doors worldwide.